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  • It started as these things always do, Subtly. Strange grins that seemed out of place, an odd look as you walked down the hall, Strange devices laying on Marvin's desk. No one noticed, or rather, no one wanted to notice.
    I wonder now, had I paid more attention, could I have prevented what was to come.
    It was a beautiful spring day when it happened. We were attending our annual company picnic at at the local park.I had noticed Marvin pull up in his truck but paid it no mind, we all were looking for the boss's car to pull into the lot.
    I was standing by the snack table trying to snare an extra piece of bacon when the screams started. As I turned to see what was going on I saw a large yellow monstrosity coming towards us, Firing ... Lasers? Oooze Blasts? something, from a neon tube it was carrying. It was a sight to behold, shaped like a man it had a distended tan chest, a Bucket like head,and some sort of multicolored deformity coming from it's back.
    As people started to run I found myself like a frog in the flashlight, unable to move and only able to stare in disbelief. As I watched John from accounting get mowed down, I even felt a brief moment of levity, To heck with my expense report. In shock at this thought and what I was seeing I collapsed to the ground, trying to Hide from what was going on.
    Eventually ,however, the field emptied, silence descended and I was left alone with bodies strewn across the once pristine area and the yellow monster.
    I was shocked when rather than blast me as it had others the monster approached. It came next to me and Knelt down and it was then that I saw the tortured face of my boss inside the helmet! As I looked up in horror I saw the 'Deformity' On its back detach....
    I blacked out then, In fear ,surprise who knows. I only awoke later in a hospital bed. I was told that the police had found evidence in Marvin's home that he had been experimenting with Human-Machine hybrids, creating monsters in his basement.

    I was lucky to be alive they said, but now, Years later as I sit watching T.V. I have these odd thoughts come through my head , a strange desire to travel..... Somewhere. And I wonder, Was I so lucky?

    TLDR: "Marvin's First Experiment in Human-Machine Hybrids is a rousing success! Just a few side affects to work out.

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