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  • Hi Guys - just got this one. Have anyone used it to BROADCAST data into CANbus (as opposed to just listening)? Anyone has code examples? The message_tx() function in the SKPang library seems to be just a placeholder...
    What I am trying to do: we have some aux equipment running in the car and I'd like to push some operational parameters from that equipment into the CANbus so it can be picked up by the Android-based CAN visualization app we are using (Torque).

  • Hi Guys, in case anybody is looking for Arduino library & example for this screen, I've posted my setup at http://www.rusbaevents.com/valery/Vevents/EMW/code/uLCD_144_VM_library.zip.
    Note that I am using an SGC version of the screen (simple software reflash using PmmC loader provided at the manufacturer site). I am using V17 of SGC PmmC.
    Love this little display.

  • DO NOT BUY!!! impossible to control - absolutely unpredictable what this thing will display if you send more than 1-2 strings of formatted data to it. Check some other reviews below, too, for other problems...

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