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DIYDrones Dev, Industrial Designer, Interaction designer, Smart Design.

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  • Are these the correct scores? I didn't have the best day, but my aerial score was more than zero. Jason Team Lukabots

  • Telemetry is for system awareness. Such as quality of GPS signal, sudden loss of voltage (happened to me last year), Failsafe triggering. I could go on. It has no bearing on the outcome of a race if used one way, but will save a 4 to 10 pound machine with spinning blades from crashing unnecessarily or worse, hitting someone. I think you guys have it backwards. I would not allow anyone to fly without telemetry. It is not safe.

  • I really don't think the Copter course is long enough or hard enough. How about multiple ball drops? Or land based obstacles or walls that need to be navigated? Or picking up an object such as a hoop? Or acrobatics such as flips?

  • I hope the rules about remote telemetry are no longer in place? That was problematic from a safety standpoint. I also have no intention of loosing a $1500 copter in the water, but that's me. Sorry.

  • Here was my blog post about the race shown above. I had the first/only autonomous quad to fly at the race and am likely to blame for getting them banned last year! We did hold our own event called the Multi-copter rodeo, which I finally won.

    Jason Short

  • That was my copter... Funny thing is the battery falling out was the best thing that could have happened. It actually auto-rotated down to a safe landing from 100 ft. The bug that caused the height issue however, eventually claimed the copter. If someone in the Eastern boulder area comes across it let me know!

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