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  • I just ordered this and I definitely have a different pinout than what's listed in the comments:

    • Brown: GND
    • Orange: 5V
    • Red: 3.3V

    Given that pattern, I'm assuming the rest are as follows:

    • Yellow: ADC
    • Green: VPU
    • Blue: AUX
    • Purple: CLK
    • Gray: MOSI
    • White: CS
    • Black: MISO

    That's very different from everything else mentioned here, though to be fair the most recent comment was 4 years ago.

  • I decided to stick it out and play with some different temps until finding something that didn't scorch so easily. Seems like the 600°F is pretty close to the sweet spot for this, where you can get some decent flow and not burn the stuff.

  • I have the same problems with this stuff that you're describing. I have a Hakko soldering iron, and at the default 750°F it just scorches the flux. This makes for some crappy joints, some bad fumes (I'm sure), and some nice black marks on my iron's tip that don't appear to come off.

    And, just like this member above, I'm sticking with the Radio Shack version. Perhaps I'll try playing with some different temperature settings, but in my opinion that should be part of the product description. I am personally very unsatisfied with this solder, or any solder that will burn and ruin my iron tips.