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  • I am at a total loss to explain why the IOREF pin isn't provided on this board. That alone will prevent a significant number of modern (R3-compatible) shields from working. Similarly, not having the ICSP header there for the "R3 way" of getting to the SPI pins would have been equally nice for the same reason. Am I missing something here?

    The R3 SDA/SCL pins were done right though.

    Putting down a cheap optionally-jumperable shift register to cover D8-D13 might have been a nice touch for adding some additional shield-HW-compatibility (though might hinder pre-R3 SPI compatibility).

    Good idea for a baseboard, otherwise.

  • You could check out the i.mx6 Quad processor section at Freescale. There's only two quad-core lines and it's fairly likely that they have the same ADC.

  • Robert, the reason why you have to keep answering this question is because your answer doesn't match the announcement. It's fairly clear with some careful reading that what was stated is "two units per order" -- NOT "two units per SKU (per order?)". You might want to consider fixing the announcement. Or not.

  • You can try to pull a lot more than 200mA through the linear regulator -- there's more than the ATmega that sources from it. Anything that you have hanging off of the 5V rail comes from the voltage regulator output also (if that's where you're getting your power).

    You don't have to use the barrel jack and the Vreg on the Arduino if you're intent on not warming the planet (phhhht). Bring your own (switching or otherwise) regulated 5V to the party and feed it into the 5V pin on the POWER header. So in the end, you're not precluded from having your Arduino powered by cool, clear, (perhaps not, depends) clean switching power. If you only care about blowing your 1117 and you insist on bringing it 15V, you can knock it down closer to 5V yourself before it gets there.

  • Yeah, most speakers and MEMS & electred mics are only good to (at best) the 20-20KHz frequency range. It is possible though to buy standalone ultrasonic cans that are intended to be driven (or listened-to) up around the 40KHz range.

  • Click on the Datasheet link above.

  • If you don't get on the first plane to Vegas, you're an idiot -- 'cause you're one lucky SOB ! :-)

  • While I agree in theory, that's not the way that it played-out. Loyal customers (for some values of "loyal", and "customer") were probably more often "penalized" if they tried to take the quiz, in spite of their (and SF's historically naive) best intentions.
    By giving up something you may have felt that you earned with your customer loyalty, and then "lost" because the quiz was a Fail, it's not entirely reasonable to feel like you were mini-screwed.
    Did one in fact "lose" anything by participating? Well, yes -- time and patience. Is that an egregious loss? No. Did it piss people off? A bunch, yes. Was it a Net Win? Probably for SF and the charities, but clearly not for many that participated. Do I answer my own questions like Donald Rumsfeld? Apparently. It it annoying? Yes.
    The problem is one of correctly managing expectations -- and this is a very important business concept. This is where the FAIL was (again), for all of the good that did come of it.
    To sit there and just say "Free Day is great and f-ck the haters" is, frankly, naive and simplistic at best, and ignorant at worst.
    I'll wait and read about it in the April issue of the HBR -- "Why Engineers shouldn't Market". Maybe someone will pick up the option on the screenplay.

  • Resistance is futile!

  • Actually lost on the deal because I couldn't get served questions.
    It took me ~200 "Try Again"s just so I could choose "Quiz" and lose my initial $30. Clearly I'd have taken the sure thing had I known.
    Two hours of my life and 200+ mouse clicks I'll never get back. Feh.

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