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  • Advice from an owner of previous Slamtec products. This is a Chinese product with little or no support. Open up the SDK manual and note the requirement that the software only works with "Visual C++ 2010" which of course is not available legally. Even if your your bittorrent ninja skills allow you to obtain a copy the demo software either doesn't compile or compiles with many errors. I managed to get the demo running (it dumps a few times before bringing up the UI) but folks on the "support blog" haven't even got that far. Unless you like reverse engineering hardware this is a waste of money for those of us trying to use it in application scenario. No support. Truly dysfunctional software / SDK.

  • I have this up and running but the app is spewing data even when no remote is being used. Every few seconds I am getting something even with the IR semiconductors covered up. Cause?

  • This is a variation of the box that comes with the Shapeoko but doesn't have the hole in the back for the heat sink and the holes in the top for all the stepper wires.

    Commenting only on the Shapeoko/Stepoko version. Holes in the top allow sawdust to enter the box and drop into the wiring terminals. Lack of a transparent cover means you can't see the dozen or so indicator LEDs on the Stepoko. Not a good design for the CNC application.

  • Ok the video and the directions talk about "grbl settings" to reverse the axis movement. I don't see any specific directions or command to do this. Could somebody reply with the procedure to reverse the direct of travel on the various axis'?


  • I think I'm going to try the Python version mentioned above. The version in the article is getting a few check-ins per hour by quite a few different authors--a little concerned about stability. May come back to it later if things settle down a little

  • So has anybody had this successfully build? I've tried twice and no joy. The thing is huge so not sure how much I want dive into it.

  • Anybody seen issues with USB3? I noticed it wasn't charging on my new computer (red light not on) but when I moved it to my original machine with USB2 it worked fine. Front USB on both machines (wired directly to the MB).