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  • If it takes an iron that big you better just weld it!

  • What a sad picture of an all too large part of our society that does nothing but bitch and complain when they are getting something for FREE. These are the people that sit in their rent subsidized home smoking there $5.00 a pack cigarettes while drinking a beer they bought with FREE food stamps and complain that the FREE cell phone that Obama gave them doesn't work to their satisfaction. It is a proven fact that the more you have to work for something the more you appreciate it. SparkFun has taken $2,000,000 that could just as well have been considered profit and given it back to YOU their customers. SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION! Support SparkFun. If you still complain read this comment again.

  • It appears that even a Dalmatian can learn about electronics with a little help from SparkFun.

  • SparkFun technicians get an eye-witness account of what went wrong with the Mars Rover.

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