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  • The Robert and Dave kits are now available in retail packaging.

  • Bear with me as the Twinkie takes its last stance.

  • With the world in panic mode now that Hostess has filed to liquidate, people are going to extreme measures.

  • Two years in a row of no fun – please do a black Friday sale or something! I was still trying to win even though it was over – poor design. I love SparkFun, but come on, this was bad!

  • Wanted add the UNO R3 version matches with the R3 shield in awesome form. It finally does not rub the USB connector! The pins are much longer than most shields I have used in the past and it finally looks like the shields were designed to fit. The only problem I ran into was on the digital side, the extra pins are so close to the mounting hole that I was unable to use it with the size bolts that I normally use for my projects.

  • I have not tried my UNO R3 as an ISP for the ATtiny85, but I tried one of my R1 UNO with the recent version of the Arduino software(Windows) - 1.0. It will not compile. I am positive the library only needs a simple update, but it was easier to use an older version of the software at the time. I would think the R3 will work just fine with the required capacitor as there are no changes to the board related. Keep your copy of 22 or the short lived 23 version of the Arduino software around if you don't want to update the library. FYI - The drivers for the R3 come with the Arduino software version 1.0.

  • Two brothers were raised on a farm, one brother moved to town.

  • Has anyone tried putting dye into the mix?

  • Is the board available on it's own. I would lie to use my own LEDs.

  • If this does not get me a date with 7 of 9, I don’t know what will.
    Look, that guy in front just crapped a radioactive midget!
    Boy, I thought Ghostbusters 3 would have had a bigger budget…
    I would have won the Master Chief lookalike contest if that idiot motorcycle guy hadn't t-boned me.
    That’s it, this time; Lady Gaga has gone too far.

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