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  • News - Where did all that rain c… | about 6 months ago

    These statements seem to have little recognition of the effect that humans have on the system in question (along with other less obvious factors). Climate change is already having something of a visable impact on life now (in Ireland/UK here anyway) with colder winters and warmer summers. Every season seems to be hotter or colder than any on record, and one can only imagine what this will do if we extrapolate it out to a scale of 500 years or so. To not factor these into equations before making statements like a one in a thousand year event seems a bit foolhardy.

  • Product DEV-11959 | about 9 months ago

    I believe that 485 is the protocol that dmx512 is based upon, which would be lighting controllers and the like for music and theatre and the like….

  • Product SEN-08739 | about 2 years ago

    Are these Cameras discontinued or are they going to be restocked?

  • Product COM-10191 | about 3 years ago

    any chances of shorter lengths? maybe foot long?

  • Product COM-10750 | about 3 years ago

    This guys english is pretty good, but you can’t see it too well, but it gave me the guts to get working on fine pitch components! a kind of ‘huh, it’s that easy??’ moment! :D

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