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  • Be prepared to drill out the holes on this. They are smaller than the holes on the other elements (LEDS, Switches) that I have tried so far, which means that sewing needles that work for everything else will be too large for this. Also, the two mounting pads are not really sufficient for attaching this to clothes in any exposed way; you'll need to think about placement and protection from snagging. Works great as far as battery replacement.

  • still cannot find D1 I must be missing it...

  • Duh, it's there ,.....I found it...

  • I've looked at the schematic but unfortunately it does not seem to show which ports go to which labeled pads on the lilypad itself. Is there a way to get this information. Since I am sinking current from a number of LEDs I need to make sure not to exceed the rated 100ma per port and without knowing which of the lilypad pads go to which actual atmel pin I cannot figure out how to avoid it for sure.

  • Excellent, so I'll put it on my wish list...Thanks

  • It's great stuff but would anyone know when some of the fundamental items like thread, sewing kit, etc are going to be in stock,.. for Christmas?