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  • Do I need to save MP3 in any particular format? When I run the sample code and using track001.mp3, track002.mp3 or even my own mp3 they all shows Failed to open xxx.mp3?
    Tried to search the forum but not much talk about this shield.

  • Never use this board before. so I try this code in Arduino:
    const int analogInPin1 = A1;
    const int analogInPin2 = A2;
    int sensorValue1 = 0;
    int sensorValue2 = 0;
    void setup() {
    void loop() {
    sensorValue1 = analogRead(analogInPin1);
    sensorValue2 = analogRead(analogInPin2);
    Serial.print("X = ");
    Serial.print("\t | Y = ");
    It seems reading some value from monitor but 3v3 pin from this board become VERY hot so I have it pull it ASAP. After couple attempts still same result. Hopefully someone could help me out of this one.

  • "libusb0x64.dll and libusb0x64.sys" should be "libusb0_x64.dll and libusb0_x64.sys".

  • "libusb0x64.dll and libusb0x64.sys" should be "libusb0_x64.dll and libusb0_x64.sys".

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