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  • News - Your March Caption Contes… | about 2 months ago

    Due to increase in sales volume, we’ll all be working over time and taking turns sharing this bed with the Sparkfun Dog.

  • Tutorial - Reflow Skillet | about 4 months ago

    I’ll just fix this for you.

    But I could buy 100 hot plates at $30 a piece before coming close to the price and performance of a traditional reflow oven.

  • News - Cyber Monday 2013 Recap | about 5 months ago

    I’m sure they worked to send out your order as soon as possible. Sparkfun started more as a hobby in a basement in 2003 and slowly grew to having (I’m guessing) 150+ employees since then. They are not a huge company like Amazon with over $60 billion in annual sales, over 100,000 employees, shipping warehouses in every other state and robots to grab products off of shelves to drop them onto convey belts to ship the same day. They are, in all orders, a small business. They don’t have to run sales, free shipping, or give out coupons, (let alone the much missed Free Days). If you felt they were to slow at processing your order, they would likely be very glad for you to give them a hand next year on the days following Cyber Monday (if they wish to participate) or any other “promotional day. They might even give you some free swag for helping out, no shipping required.

  • Product COM-12098 | about 5 months ago

    +1 for Normal Stock, other sizes would also be nice.

  • News - Cyber Monday Is Upon Us! | about 5 months ago

    Got it, I remembered Rob mentioning the Flash sale items. I was thinking that was the 20% off items in the time slots. Memory was jogged seeing the top banner.

  • News - Cyber Monday Is Upon Us! | about 5 months ago

    Ah, I see the MT I missed. The products from any time slot still list with the discount when added to my cart however. Still curious whether it will go through, out of time slot, if I purchase.

  • News - Cyber Monday Is Upon Us! | about 5 months ago

    What time zone are the above deals in, I would assume that it is mountain time. Does it not even matter, as any product I select from any time above lists the 20% off discount in my cart?

  • News - Your June Caption Contest | about 11 months ago

    E-textile tastes nothing like reptile.

  • Product COM-11629 | about a year ago

    Same thing as the Phillips AmbientLED and L Prize bulbs. The difference between the orange and yellow casing in those two bulbs is the L Prize bulb has some red LED’s to help with color and energy.

  • Product CAB-11572 | about a year ago

    I actually prefer Meritline.

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