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  • URGH - I double checked the LilyPad simple schematic. You are correct in that the SPI SCK is not pinned out. You will be fine with the non-PWM libraries which can use any pins. Otherwise you will have to “skywire” a connection to ATMEGA side of R1. My kids are using the regular LillyPad so they are all set.

  • It’s no problem. Those pins are dual use for GP I/O and an SPI interface. They are available for any use that you have. They are connected to the unpopulated ISP headder in case someone wanted to reflash the default boot code, which you don’t want to do. There is no difference between the LilyPad and the standard Arduino in this respect. The LilyPad schematic just has them labeled for both uses. In fact the PWM ADAfruit library uses them as SPI pins so you are all set! LilyPad Simple does not have pin 12(MISO) but this is not used in the library so it’s no problem. BTW - it looks like the non-PWM example can use any pins. I got the same ADAfruit RGB strips and will be trying to get this to work this weekend with my kids. They want to wear flashy T-shits at the European Lego Robotics Championship in two weeks (representing the US) so I hope it works! Good Luck.
    (I’ll repost on the LilyPand Simple product page and the ADAfruit forum in case you miss this)

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