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  • A Spark Fun event and no dogs allowed? My world is shattered!!! And so goes the last of the canine defenders…

  • Hmm, I’m not a lawyer (but I’m going to play one in this post), but I can’t see a class action lawsuit. Claimant: Dear FTDI, your update bricked my component which I now know to be stolen goods and I want you to compensate me for my loss of stolen goods. FTDI: Please surrender your your stolen goods to the nearest FBI office, alternatively, provide your name, adddress, and a convenient time for arrest for knowingly possessing stolen goods.

  • The Village People at their day job.

  • Maybe SparkFun would be willing to add some under $20 products or a $20 gift certificate to the list, which would then be allowed.

  • “Aha!! This is why all the mice are missing from my inventory count.”

  • I always used the water analogy. - Resistors are pieces of skinny pipe. - Inductors are long lengths of pipe, it takes a bit to get the water flowing, once the water is flowing it has momentum and doesn’t want to stop (which is why you have water hammer arresters in your plumbing). - Capacitors are tubs or tanks with a membrane in them (like the one that protects your water heater from over pressure). You can push water through, but as the membrane stretches it gets harder until none flows. Release the pressure and it flows back out because of the membrane. - Diodes are check valves, water only flows one way. - Transistors are just water activated valves, a small amount of water will turn the handle allowing a large amount to flow.

  • I still have a mystery I’ve haven’t figured out. When the batteries in your flashlight are half-dead and dim, why does whacking it help, if only briefly? It clearly does, but why?

  • “Wire color = Different action?” Sometimes it DOES. Why is enameled wire used in coils? And of course if parts of the insulation are black and crispy, there is (now) a different function of the wire inside compare to other wires….

  • I didn’t have a TRS-80, but the local Radio Shack would let me work on their display model if they didn’t have any customers, so I’d ride my bike 10 miles to the store and work on theirs.

  • Including intentional back-orders?

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