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  • Works great. Having the onboard Qwiic connector makes it really easy to get started without having to mess with jumper wires. Allowed me to very quickly prototype a datalogger and use it in a production setting without worrying a jumper wire was going to come loose. Thanks Sparkfun!

  • Thanks for sharing Nate, this is the type of information you can't put a price on. I've been learning some of these things the hard way recently.

  • Im working on some CAD and noticed the dimensions on this are listed as inches, i think it should be cm, dont think the arduino mega is a foot long.

  • about as thick as a AA battery

  • actually i just followed all the connections on the pcb, nvm about the question above.

  • To change the tx/rx pins to something other than 2 and 3 all you have to do is jumper the pins labeled 2 & 3 to different digital pins correct? I have the previous version so my layout is slightly different but still the same functionality. I just wanted to double check here before i screw something up.

  • so basically you need two of these to talk to each other since its not compatible with the xbees?

  • how about good desoldering techniques, i remember i messed up some boards after trying to remove some components i soldered in the wrong spot.

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