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  • Would this also work with the Raspberry Pi?

  • Heh -- I recently searched for an "oscilliscope". This would have come in handy. But no worries! I found it and made a large (for me) purchase seeded with my Free Day funds. And now I have an oscilloscope!

  • Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep an eye on the site, then!

  • Man, me too! I was giddy all morning waiting for it to start, and seeing the servers go down even after the massive upgrades ... wow.

  • Ahh, the Internets! An amazingly helpful website announces that it is actually giving away money first come, first serve, and people bitch about the company not being adequately prepared to give them free stuff.
    Don't complain about this, people. It's their money. Thank them for trying.
    Thanks, SparkFun. Not just for Free Day, but for everything you do. I've learned so much tinkering with stuff I bought here. So thanks.
    One question/suggestion: Is there any chance you'd put up the quiz at some point and let us take it just for fun? I really wanted to see the questions, but given the server load, I opted to just cash in my loyalty points instead.