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  • How much power were you feeding to each motor?
    I am considering putting two of your L298N chips on one of these (thus giving ~2A to each motor), but I am worried that will not be enough.

  • is the data rate good enough for simple video streaming?

  • Ah well... It would appear I am going to become a very good Sparkfun customer if this keeps up.
    Thanks for the quick response!

  • It would appear that I broke something on my board, but the ATmega chip works fine when swapped with someone else's board. Is it possible to buy just a board, without the chip included (because I am cheap...)

  • The description of the chip says you can put 1A through each side of the chip. I have a motor that needs 1.25 or 1.5A. Can I just connect power, ground, signal, etc for the one motor to both sides of the chip to "split up the burden"? Or will I probably still end up blowing it up?

  • Stupid question: If it can handle 1A at 50 V, will it be able to take a greater amperage at a lower voltage (say, 2A at 12V)?
    (edit: fixed typo)

  • any idea when the next batch will come back in stock?