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  • I wrote some code (https://github.com/Andrew67/RfidTap) that basically turns the serial port input into an HTTP server that you can poll using cross-site AJAX which returns the ID (Tested with ID-12). Did some neat stuff with it for a school project and decided to publish it and keep working on it a bit more.

  • Any information on current consumption? I just got one so I might check myself soon but I'd like to know since the datasheet is void of electrical information... I'm hoping I can use the 3.3V pin to power my MCU (planning on using an MSP430G2452) since it seems to be rated for 500mA. Would this work well with the 110mAh LiPo battery on this site?

  • Yeah the schematic was causing me to freak out (CELL and VDD tied with forced pullups? gonna kill my ┬ÁCU!! D:) Does cutting that trace keep the SDL/SDA pullups to VCC? So it just unties +/VCC?

  • Can I program this board using the pins of an Arduino Uno board as explained in the 5V version? Not sure since this one is 3.3V...

  • I'm having to prop up the LCD at an angle so the male headers make contact. Is there any other thing I could do?

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