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  • Thank you so much Sparkfun. At first, I thought I would rage extremely hard if I didn't get to answer the questions. I mean, I was waiting there before it started, and witnessed the beginning of the server crashing down in flames. I have a great chance to get something out of this, I thought! This attitude died as soon as I joined IRC and talked with all the people who were in the same situation. I figured out that it is really fun just to joke around and celebrate every re-login. Twelve minutes before I was like: "What? Freeday hasn't even started and the server's down? LOL"
    I was a trooper though. I didn't hit F5 constantly like a lot of people. I hit it strategically. I have a sixth sense about when to do it. This sixth sense, however, didn't let me see a single page for the first 40 minutes. Some good that did me. I was in #sparkfun-freeday and thoroughly enjoying the entire experience. To my complete surprise, I managed to get $70.00 out of it, but I was very persistent and patient! I did not expect that. How exciting!
    Only one thing about freeday annoyed me: all the people on IRC trying to trick users into taking $0.00 in loyalty money or telling people it was over. Not cool. I'm really glad Twitter was keeping most of us honest about that. Next year, can we get a couple extra ops in the IRC channels to act as truth-sayers? =)
    To the sparkfun marketing team (if one exists): I looked through your entire stock as a result of this event. I appreciate your efforts to sell-off-cheap the parts that most companies (sadly) throw away. Great philosophy; we all appreciate it. And let me say, I probably would not have looked at your whole catalog if it weren't for Free Day. That's got to mean something in the advertising/marketing world, right?

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