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  • I really hate to date myself, but back when electronic devices (calculators, clocks, copiers, etc.) first appeared they all used zener diodes driving the base of a transistor (or transistor pair) to regulate the voltage. This is especially true before SSI chips even existed.

  • I guess that is why it was multiple choice. It was not intended to be an Electrical Engineering Final Exam - just something to make you think.

  • It is pretty tough to harness a microcontrollers abilities without knowing binary. Binary IS the language of computers. Hex only exists to keep the numbers shorter :)

  • I serviced electronic devices for an Office Supply company in the late 1970’s. ALL calculators at that time were strictly SSI chips (plus resistors, diodes, and transistors) - the ‘firmware’ WAS the electronics. Good quiz, btw.

  • Did you guys even read the write-up describing this Free Day event? The whole purpose was to overload the servers. To give SparkFun the opportunity to monitor the activity and to use that information to improve the server response. How do people justify complaining about not getting free stuff?

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