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  • Congratulations on completing your first kit. You picked a challenging one and the result looks great. I built Heathkit Nixie (actually neon Panaplex) clocks back in the 1970s. They too looked great. I was never able to do a backflip like you when the kits worked however.

    Your CB Tester packaging is brilliant. I can't tell, but it looks like that opening for the Nixie tubes in the top of the CB Tester is uninsulated. Those Nixies need a couple of hundred volts to run, so I'd recommend some insulation to line the metal slot in the top of the box. Ideally, Sparkfun has some ribbed nylon edge trim specifically designed for this. Sometimes the stuff is called grommet edging. In a pinch, you could use electrical tape but the edging would be better I think.

  • 163 db Megawatts! Must be plutonium powered. Calling Doc Brown.

  • I'll give you this keyboard when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  • Is that some variant of "Don't mix the streams"?

  • Can you hear me now?

  • You've already gotten Fry's here in Silicon Valley and I understand your reluctance to take on another "small" chain. So I recommend D&J Hobby ( in Campbell, CA. It is exactly the kind of place you seem to be looking for. It's exactly as described above in your blog.

  • The development team sits through yet another unwelcome visit from the Ghost of Project Schedule Past.

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