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Member Since: March 22, 2007

Country: Australia

  • Just noticed the github link, have moved my code issue over there...

  • Hi all, if any of you are trying to flash the firmware, i have written a short guide which is aimed at getting the OpenLog working with the UAV Dev Board, but includes information on getting new firmware onto the board. Unfortunately windows based, using winAVR, but the avrdude commands should be the same anywhere i guess. The guide is here:
    I have found the code to be very unstable in my environment for some reason. The code as supplied works fine, and simple changes (such as changing some baud rate stuff to enable 19200) work fine. But anything more complex seems to cause the code to fail in wierd ways. It still compiles and loads onto the OpenLog board fine, but code unrelated to the changes i have made will stop working. ie the 'ls' command will print out half the disk information table, then the device will crash and reboot. Seems like some sort of memory corruption, although i would have thought the stack and heap should be ok, as code use is only about 50% of capacity. Any thoughts?

  • Got a couple of these, work exactly as advertised!
    If anyone else is looking to modify the firmware and is unfamiliar with the workflow to get the serial bootloader working (like i was) then i can highly recommend Nate's walkthrough of his process here:
    (this took me heaps longer to find than it should have, and so i found lots of ways to not make it work in the meantime. Hopefully putting the link here saves someone else that pleasure...)

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