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  • I think I'm retarded. Can I hook the PWM version of this encoder directly to the driver? (http://usdigital.com/products/encoders/absolute/rotary/shaft/ma3/) And will it drive like a speed control or an incremental stepper? I need the encoder rotation to mirror the stepper rotation. So, not a speed control.

  • Wait, can you send a PWM signal directly to this board? If so, does that make an absolute encoder work like a speed controller or like a incremental stepper?

  • Can I hook an encoder like this one (http://usdigital.com/products/encoders/incremental/rotary/shaft/s4/) directly to this driver? And is there any way to use Xbee's to make this control wireless?

  • Can these be used as simply as to replace physical wire between an encoder and a motor controller? Supply power to both, make sure they're talking to each other and that's it? I'd rather not have to get two Arduino's just to make a wireless connection. Preferably place two xbee's in between the encoder and the controller in this diagram...

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