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  • Anyone use these with Raspberry Pi? Any of the fit issues?

  • That makes sense, if your sample rate is in phase with the wave, you wouldn't never ready the valley. No matter where it was in phase though, it would just look like a line...

    Thoughts on applying the same rule to FFT resolution? I did some reading, the chip has a clock input, so you would manage it there, not based on the microprocessor speed.

  • Excellent video, Chris! You mentioned that when gathering data for an FFT that you want to gather as much data as possible. When doing audio recording, we always use the rule of thumb that your sample rate needs to be at least twice that of the highest frequency you wish to reproduce. Depending on how the hardware/software controls sample rate, but if it's 16MHz, you might be wasting a bunch of cycles. To analyze up to 20KHz, you would only need to sample at 40KHz...I think...

  • Excellent video, Jeff! I recently decided to build the 'ultimate cat toy' and started with the Magician Chassis kit. I'm quickly finding that I need something super light and super fast but with enough torque to carry a few IR seasons...

    So how do you decide on a motor to use? I assume higher voltage means faster and higher current load means higher torque?

    Also - specs on the H-Bridge say 36v is the max. So in this case, could you run a 9v batter or something to the motor supply of the H-Bridge (and drive a 9v or more motor with the Ardiuno)?

  • anyone else have a popping problem? The amp just starts popping for no reason..

  • I posted up in the forum about this product having a popping problem, is anyone else seeing the same issue?

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