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  • Free Day is a AWESOME initiative! Congratz! I just would like to sugest some load distributing/balancing techniques that would help you guys host those Mega events since I am a Computer Science PhD student and I can't hold myself.
    - You should look into "URL rewriting" that is a non infrastructure server re-routing technique.
    - There is always the classic but not so effective DNS round-robing.
    - Layer-3 witch is simpler and/or layer-5 re-routing witch needs a massive super expensive router (if I'm not outdated)
    In huge events like world cup or in huge sites like Amazon they use at least one of this techniques in they're site servers.
    Cloud computing is a hot topic now, maybe it would be a good approach in this big events since you could buy just the processing load that a free day would generate without paying for physical servers all year away.
    Here are some articles in the area:
    - The Measured Performance of Content Distribution Networks (WCCD'00)
    - Web Caching and Content Distribution: A View from the Interior (WWW'00)
    - On the Use and Performance of Content Distribution Networks (SIGCOMM WIMW'01)
    - The Effectiveness of Request Redirection on CDN Robustness (OSDI'02)
    I hope I helped with something.

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