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Fabio Varesano

Member Since: December 14, 2010

Country: United States

  • The FreeIMU library has been modified to work on the ArduIMU v3. The guy who did the porting, confirmed much better performance with the FreeIMU library than the original Ardu-IMU library. Please see http://www.varesano.net/projects/hardware/FreeIMU#lib-ports

  • Be careful when designing a derivative board from this one. The 3v3 rail is connected directly to the VCC input of the ICSP connector.. if you have non 5V tolerant components and your ICSP programmer powers it at 5V, you are up for smoke :-)

  • Exactly. The cross means that the Z axis is going into the board. Unfortunately, the Z axis of the sensor is pointing the sky so that silkscreen is wrong. See MPU6050 datasheet page 44 for confirmation.

  • The silkscreen of the Z axis looks incorrect. When looking the board from above, the Z axis is pointing the face of the viewer. Following the right hand rule, a positive rotation is a counter clock wise one.

    Note that most of the coolest features of this device are only available having access to the DMP documentation. Since currently such documentation is not available from Invensense very few of such advanced things can be implemented with the MPU6050.

  • Looks like it. The docs on the 9DOM DMP are however not available so you can't implement any 9DOM DMP code yet. This will however limit you in the future if any docs surface or if you just wanted to read the raw magnetometer readings from the MPU6000 (something already possible).

  • People out there looking for a breakout board for this chip. See LibreBB MPU6050 open hardware designs http://www.varesano.net/blog/fabio/libre-breakout-board-invensense-mpu6050 Schematics of recent FreeIMU v0.4 may be of help when sorting out connections: http://www.varesano.net/projects/hardware/FreeIMU#v0.4

  • See my discussion with Jeff below.

  • Are you able to use the 9DOM sensor fusion internal algorithm? Are you able to setup the chip to fuse data from a 3rd party magnetometer of your choice? No. No.

    I don't know how you value your time but spending hours reverse enginering a device I paid for looks like a big no sense to me.

  • Jeff, I'm sure that if we would have an email address with @nintendo.com or @sony.com you woudn't have any problems getting 1st class documentation and support from Invensense.

    The truth so far with this sensor is that it's really badly documented. Product specification it's really just useful to design a PCB. No publicly available register or DMP documentations are currently available. In order to access register infos (no DMP) you have to sign an NDA.. WTF???

    So far, I've been quite disappointed by the sensor. Awesome on paper but without good docs available to anyone.. its more cool features are simply unaccessible.

  • That's not entirely true. Y and Z register axis are swapped in the HMC5883L compared to the HMC5843.
    Also note that the HMC5883L is considerably cheaper than the HMC5843 something which should helps lower the final price of the board.
    However, the HMC5883L is really a sucker to solder as it has very small pins and it's very light, absolutely the most difficult chip to solder I ever dealt with. The chip seems to be also quite sensible to high temperatures and when overheated some segisters may stop to work. Detailed 1 day after production tests are suggested to every board assembled.
    Hope this helps,
    Fabio Varesano

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