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  • I don't know why but my stepper (stepper from Sparkfun) is not moving when powered. Without power (12V) the motor is working with the Easydriver (although not very accurate even with high delays). But with 12V the motor just locks (nice torque!). Could this have to do with the wiring of the motor?
    I'm using red, green (A), yellow, blue (B). Seems to me those are the motor specs of the coils.
    I'm only using step and dir (Easydriver 4.3).

  • 2.3kg*cm doesn't sound too bad. And ofcourse there are a lot of tricks to 'help' the motor a little bit. Fine threads will require more rotations but less torque.
    Anyway, thanks for the info! Hope my motor doesn't get too hot ;)

  • I overlooked the 150mA - 750mA function on the Easydriver. Just going to give it a try.
    And no, it's not going to be a big CNC, just a toy hobby one..

  • I'm using this motor with the Easydriver. The Easydriver will limit the current up to 0.8A. This motor needs 12V - 0.3A. I only got a power supply 12V - 1A.
    Now I'm wondering, will it be safe to feed the motor 0.8A with the Easydriver? Does this mean I have to let it rotate slower because else the motor will burn? I'm new to this (trying to build a CNC) :) THNX

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