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  • mmMM Good! IIRC, the OEM also mentions that if you fail to properly recondition the sensor, it will eventually recover on its own, provided the ambient RH% is high enough for long enough period. The SHT series can survive immersion, with similar time-to-recover characteristics. Also, these require NO calibration, EVER...I find that hard to believe, but Sensirion's website has this provenance -and it is ISO 17025 traceable. I have, over time verified performance of these using Rotronic RH% standards and so far it appears to be true.

    SF is taking the extra step so the out-of-box experience is ensured. Bravo guys!

  • While attending MIT (Missouri Institute of Technology -LOL) I used to visit the Heathkit store in Kansas City -often. I built a few kits but gave the stuff away after assimilation. Long after HK's demise a good friend gave me his working GR2000 color tv. These kits were awesome--the GR2000 had a heavy-copper plated steel chassis and this model had on-screen digital display of the time and channel. Sadly it was not prepared for the cable tv revolution because it only tuned over the air analog. I really liked the thorough design and documentation...excellent schematics and theory of operation and debugging tutorials. The build quality was...good as sparkfun and a raft of others we are blessed with today. Thanks for the memories, as the tune goes.

  • can you guys get 'Ranger' in a keg? -and a big 'ole jar of those pickled eggs?

    I just hope my employees dont get wind of this.

    Buncha Belch Mufflers...

  • There would be far less of this nonsense if everyone with an education had an adequate paying job with benefits. The schools that charge so much for tuition should also assume responsibility of ensuring first out-the-chute jobs for their customers (students -graduated or not) as opposed to the gamble games students are forced into today.

    Desperation has the unique ability to cause normally good people to do that which they must to survive...give a kid a nice expensive education and no job opportunity and, most importantly, a GINORMOUS tuition bill with the FED mercilessly backing it up...and there you have a disastrous concoction...engineered and enforced by the 1% -the highly educated.

    For us techno-types there is always the 'dark side' of the force to choose...some go on to design weapons to kill the enemy, while others choose to design medical sensors -or flashing blingies for clothing.

    I dunno if it is better to have the desperate ones robbing a bank using a mask, note or gunpoint, or to have them cleverly dupe their victims out of the 'payload' remotely. They gotta eat too. I'm not defending or approving, just pointing out the human condition upon us today. Either way, it is a festering problem. k

  • Ugh! not so sure this is good advice, but sometimes there's just no better way. I once saw a guy use a test-tube agitator to buzz the solder off a board. Its all in the timing, you know. Sometimes re-soldering with extra flux helps to scavenge out better, then do the smack thing. After 40 years of spattering my jeans and leathers. not to mention the ills of loose lead around the lab/shop/kitchen -ack! -and how many times have you held solder in your mouth while two-handing everything juuuust right while you dab on that first joint...maybe why I've got the dubious honor of a swiss-cheese brain now. For me, a day without soldering/welding is like a day without sunshine, but I have learned: Dont wear polyester ANYTHING. -as in dont sit on a hot 40watt iron Wear facemask AND shoes. -as in balls-O-fire between the toes Dont work near carpet. -as in snip the solder out b4 old lady sees Sniff detect a hot iron. -as in melted fingers together lol k

  • The datasheet says both sensor elements (RH% & T) are impervious to water vapor or liquid immersion, other than affecting the sensor's readings for a time until things dry out. These do not like chemical vapors so beware. I'm using both SHT15 and SHT75's but 75's for better repeatability in humidity ambients below 10%. SF does not offer the 75 on a breakout and you will have to add a 3-5k external pullup to the dat line to make them accurate or they will give erroneous data if not terminated properly, and set the sample interval to 8 seconds or more to allow for best conversion resolution. The 11's and 15's require both a pull up and pull down resistor for best stability but all three are signal protocol compatible i.e. interchangeable. I have about two dozen of these now monitoring various factory ATE system internals and environments at the UUT stations and these are perfect for the application because they bear traceable calibration from Sensirion, making them worth the extra expense for this app. I have had no trouble with them reconditioning by themselves in ambient air but it may take several days or weeks to settle out depending on how SF handled them before final packaging.

  • Is this something that needs said? Am I the one who has to say it? BwaHahahahahahaha

  • ERP systems require workforce training on an intrusive scale.
    I have seen employees retire rather than get into it.
    Examine Dells experience with SAP some years ago..
    -all good arguments, btw.

  • Imagine the measurement uncertainty at that lo range on a hand meter without kelvins..+/- 30%?

  • Arduino's must have hit the mainstream..
    Mouser had 100+ UNO's three weeks ago and now all gone.
    I ordered two from them and got one..
    Also ordered one or two from here along with a couple sensors and still waiting. I see the retail and SMD versions are out too.
    Glad I'm not in a hurry.

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