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  • I’ve been running a Homebridge instance on a Rasberry Pi for well over a year. I tried HOOBS and didn’t care for it at all so I use a different UI plug-in that works better for me. If you plan on using the Home App as your UI, it doesn’t matter what your Homebridge UI looks like (the same applies to Home Assistant).

    Aside from the UI plug-in, I only use one other. It’s an HTTP Switch. I use the switch settings to communicate with two Arduino Uno WiFi Rev 2 boards that each run web clients. In the Home App, I have Automations that trigger the switches’ On/Off states when my Eve door and window sensors activate. For example, I sometimes forget to close my garage door at night, so on one Arduino I have an LCD display and a set of neopixels with a specific message and red light signal for that event, plus the Home alerts to get my attention. I recently learned a way to do this with Home Assistant using curl commands.

    All in all, I prefer using HomeKit compliant devices instead of my Homebridge toys. I’ve encountered some plug-ins that have been “abandoned” by their developers, so I would never put any mission critical Home function at risk of zero support.

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