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  • I've never heard of that until now, but that seems like a great solution, especially moving away from the oil-based plastics. It's very interesting that its biodegradable and certified as such in a number of major waste producing companies. Sparkfun should definitely take a look at it.

    The only concern I could note is that its primary base is PLA, which tends to be a bit more brittle than most plastics, but I'm sure there are ways around that.

  • I applaud the efforts being made by Sparkfun towards Sustainability, but I have to wonder how much waste is being generated by the retail blister packs? There were comments made on how the red boxes end up reused over and over, why not provide retail in the smaller boxes? They've got to be easier to recycle than the blister packaging.

  • Very cool! I'd like to humbly suggest an investigation into the ShiftPWM library and a bunch of 74hc595's, which could be had for 0.75-1.50 a piece. They come in a dip package which could make prototyping and board production easier. The only downside I can see currently is that it would require one extra chip over the 4 needed for the max chips.
    Edit: You can find the library for it here:

  • Alternatively, you could submit the board itself to batch pcb, and order and assemble the components yourself (unless I'm missing something) since the layout is attached in the eagle files.

  • What about a Vertical microB plug?

  • Is it possible to source this without the indicator for use with the rotary encoders?

  • Ok, just looking to clarify as I should probably be working instead of answering the quiz, but the credit is applied to our account, and usable up to 6 months, yes?

  • Forgive me since I'm extremely new to the Arduino, but wouldn't it make more sense to have the ATX connector on the same side as the usb & power connectors?