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  • From a constructive point of view� 2-3 things ought to be mentioned:

    If you are planning on placing an Arduino (UNO or MEGA) on the right height relative to the cut-outs for the DC connection and USB, you will need -10mm stand-offs- �instead of the 6.5mm (metal?) stand-offs supplied. Actually, not a big draw-back, as the stand-offs ought to be plastic/nylon anyway for isolation purposes!

    The supplied self-cutting screws (16), can easily be traded against normal i.e. (black oxide alloy) metal screws, which will perhaps aesthetically be more pleasing (if black) and also if screwed in with some feeling and precision, will cut a winding (as opposed to a whole with the self-cutting screws) which permits not infinite un- and screwing, -but more disassembling attempts while leaving the holes more intact; �a fact a few people have pointed out before as desirable. (Also, start with a smaller width of screw initially, and when the winding is already chewed-up, use a new set of higher-width screws, which might(!) permit you a few more future tightenings and disassemblies.)

    Last, from a material point of view, the rather 'stiff' price would be more justified, in my personal view, if the material for the box had been duraluminium a.k.a dural, -which is slightly heavier but a tougher alumininium, enhancing the box on the screw-holes issues mentioned above, as the windings cut would last longer.

  • What are the EXACT dimensions please?

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