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  • News - April Caption Contest Win… | about 5 days ago

    It might be funny if there were any yellow borders in the photograph. The chick’s beak is the only yellow in the photograph. Is “border” another term for “beak” or “bill”? Perhaps he should have said “you’ll notice, our new model is black with a red border”.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    Technically, it’s not a knockoff because it doesn’t say “FLUKE” anywhere on it. Personally, I don’t care what it looks like. I have a $15 digital multimeter (GB GDT-11) that looks nothing like a Fluke, but I didn’t buy it for its looks.

    I will concede that some may opt for the more expensive Fluke, but I’m positive that few would base the purchase solely upon color. Poll a bunch of folks and ask them if they’d buy the black $15 GB GDT-11 or a $150 Fluke 117. Now poll a bunch of other folks and ask them if they’d buy the yellow $15 SparkFun meter or a $150 Fluke 117. I believe the difference would be nonexistent or statistically insignificant.

    Now, if you polled a bunch of other folks and ask them if they’d buy the black $15 GB GDT-11 or the yellow $15 SparkFun meter, the SparkFun meter may beat out the GDT-11. But that’s irrelevant as it doesn’t affect Fluke’s bottom line.

    I simply believe that the importance of protected trade dress is overstated in many cases.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    Of course they resemble Fluke meters. That’s not in dispute. What’s in dispute is:

    (a) the way that Fluke and USPTO/Customs went about “notifying” Sparkfun was in bad faith. They left SparkFun with no recourse but to eat $30K.

    (b) current US trademark law unfairly burdens small businesses and hampers the free market. Trade dress protection is such BS. The $15 DMMs don’t have a Fluke logo on them anywhere. No one would confuse them. You can’t convince me Fluke was damaged due to the similarity simply because nobody who knows about Fluke DMMs actually believes they’d get the same quality from a $15 Chinese facsimile and those that don’t know about Fluke DMMs aren’t going to spend $100+ on a DMM.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    Oh, please. No one is going to confuse a $15 knockoff with a real Fluke. Anyone who is willing to spend $100+ on a Fluke DMM knows the difference and anyone who doesn’t know the difference isn’t going to spend the coin. The yellow trademark is a red herring.

  • News - Fluke, we love you but yo… | last month

    (USPTO|Fluke|DHS) could have reached out to SparkFun BEFORE they made the order rather than surreptitiously seizing a shipment as it went through the port. I’m sure Nate & co would have complied with a cease & desist rather than forfeit $30K in product. The manner in which they decided to go about it was disingenuous, inconsiderate, feeble, pathetic, deplorable and decidedly unamerican. They come out looking like the mafia.

  • News - Your March Caption Contes… | about a month ago

    Nate scolds the engineering group regarding cleanliness of dog bedding while everyone finds it hard to concentrate on anything but the idea of chicken pot pie for lunch.

  • Product PRT-08248 | about 2 months ago

    Molex KK 7880.

  • News - Enginursday: Yeah, I foun… | about 2 months ago

    While typical automobile engine crankshafts might redline at 6-9K RPM, the turbines in typical automobile turbochargers spin at around 100K RPM or higher. Garrett’s smallest turbo spins at 240K RPM. Piston engines can’t handle much higher crankshaft speeds because of the mechanical and thermal stresses it places on the connecting rods, pistons, bearings, and cylinders.

    Obviously, though, 12K on the output shaft is a lot to deal with and I think that’s what you are trying to get at.

  • News - New Product Friday: Flex … | about 3 months ago

    I’m not sure why you insist on such pedantic insolence. If you don’t want to pronounce the “t”, don’t pronounce it. Don’t expect me to as well. Not everyone wants to be like you.

  • News - You have been randomly se… | about 3 months ago

    There are plenty of studies on how amenities in the workplace affect productivity. I’m sure the pets do wonders for morale and health and, as a result, actually increase productivity instead of decrease it as you assert. I applaud SparkFun’s desire to be different. If you want stuffy corporate slave-driver culture, there are plenty of options for you.

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