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  • PuTTY could be added to this since that does have Serial support, otherwise a very good Serial primer.

  • I've used a Bluetooth Bee from TinyOS without trouble. Bluetooth Bees are wired to TX and RX in the same pin layout as XBee, so they, along with most XBee form factor devices should work on this. If it's XBee compatible, it should be usable with this.

    Also, I have 2 XBee Series 2 PCB antenna devices and they work fine with these. The only difference between them and my Bluetooth Bee are the GPIO pins which bluetooth bees and other third party XBee clones, those GPIO pins don't affect devices like this which use the serial pins only.

  • I await the Intel Tesla.

  • I was proud to contribute to this product's Kickstarter, and once I work out projects for it, I am likely to buy more. I might be one of the folks to design a MicroShield for it.

  • The JST close up image is borrowed from the 6 AH model of this battery series, the connector is identical, however as you stated, there's only 1 cell in this variant.

  • Some pins are on the small secondary header, if you're just using Serial or GPIO, it could work on a standard Arduino board, but if you need the connections that smaller header provides, you would be lacking those signals.

  • As I know this adaptor is from the company that makes the PCduino, it would be helpful if they added the ISP header in their next revision, I own a USB Host Shield that needs that header. I know that's redundant for my specific board though. There are other boards that also use the ISP header that may benefit.

  • 12768 was in yesterday's NPP so there we go, thanks.

  • I have a warm fuzzy at seeing one of the first displays I learned about in the SFE catalog, I can't wait to use them.

  • I'd probably see if I could stuff it in a small vehicle like a snowmobile or 4 wheeler...

    Alternately, could always use it to make a hydraulic Pick N Place, add a generator and you'd be able to power the electronics for it, the soldering oven, the stencil machine and the disco inspector.