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  • So is that the issue?!?!? It’s labeled Mic but it’s expecting line level voltage? Ok. Seems like SF could knock a board together pretty easily for that. I’d buy it. Maybe you guys (SF) should state this fact more clearly, if it is indeed a fact, because I’ve read a lot of posts about frustrated customers trying to get this to work as hands free device (I’d count myself in that group). I know it’s being sold as an audio streaming solution, but it has SO much more potential.

    • Respectfully
  • I have yet to find anyone who can tell me what mic to use and how to connect it to the BoB. I’ve tried electret, the ADMP401 and most recently a nice phone headset with microphone. NOTHING works. I called SF support and they sounded very excited about helping me never got back with an answer. What is it that your not telling us about microphone and this device?!?! Someone SELL me a solution that will allow me to use this as a hands free device for a phone. ALL of the documentation say that it should work but none here seems to know how to make it do so. Is this the wrong version of the RN52? Did you describe the RN52APL-I/RM but sell us the RN52-I/RM? If so just please say so and I’ll quit driving my self mental trying to get this to work.

  • Right?!?!?! Could someone address this from SF?

  • Is there a projected date for the break out board? I’ve have a project that I was going to use the WT-32 in until I found out about this little guy. I’ve been waiting months now to get it built.

    BTW - You guys are awesome! Keep up the great work.

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