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  • Nate: "So your claiming that smell came from the dog bed.........."

  • That pricing is just ridiculous. I don't know why Sparkfun doesn't consider MakerFaire Detroit. It's actually in Dearborn, MI at the Henry Ford Museum. The first two years Make ran it but this year the Museum is running it. That's why it's a called a "featured" faire. It was $100 for a commercial maker and no real size limit since they have the space. About 370 makers and about 20,000 visitors last year.

    I agree that those prices will create competition. I like the open faire idea.

  • I don't know what that smell is but I'm out of here!

  • I liked your presentation. Well done. I do have to add one comment though about Zeners. Zener's can be effective regulators. I agree that voltage regulator parts are preferred in many designs but I've seen some very clever low cost/very small designs that used a zener as a regulator. Early automotive electronic modules used zeners so it can be done successfully.
    Check out Microchip's Compiled Tips and Tricks Book for a few zener examples. (http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/01146B.pdf) Forrest Mimms books can also give you a few good ideas. And isn't a voltage reference just a voltage regulator?

  • I've struggled with this type of pitch for years since I write books on Embedded electronics (www.elproducts.com).People would ask what kind of books do you write. I tried the robotics comparison, ipod comparison...nothing worked. They weren't my target audience so I had to do it much simpler. I finally settled on this.
    "I write and sell books that teach kids, adults, students or anybody interested, how to design their own electronic gadgets"
    It seems to work well.
    Sparkfun isn't much different.
    "You create and sell the components and information that kids, adults, students and anybody interested need to build their own electronic gadgets."
    Now you just need to add my books ;-)

  • This has been interesting to read through. I didn't understand open sourcing myself until recently. I helped with the CHIPINO.cc project and it made me see the difference. If someone adds a screw its an improvement. But then someone finds a blue screw and then someone else a red screw. The someone finds a way to put an led in the screw. Before long the original design has been improved to something far beyond what the originator could have created because they didn't have the time equal to what 1000's of contributors could do. Look how many great shields and boxes and projects and accessories you can find for the Arduino.
    Creative common licensing just tries to keep some kind of guidelines on it. In reality it doesn't need it. People will improve what they like and make it better. And many will make a few bucks in the process. Good for them.
    It's the $200 million dollar bonus CEO's business model types that don't like the idea because they can't control it.

  • I'm curious, why didn't Sparkfun come to the Detroit Maker Faire?

  • Why didn't you guys come to the Detroit Maker Faire?

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