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  • Didn't have much time this year but I managed to get through to the lump sum. No time for the quiz. However, will there be a new product 'Charity' I can purchase in $10 intervals to fill up that charity bucket?

  • It would be nice to actually know how much power is available at the 3.3V pin. That said, it works quite nicely to test out a 3.3V TTL device if you want to connect it directly to a PC. I've used it for hacking together an interface to a GPS unit @ 50 mA. It works fine. Probably not a recommended use but it certainly is nice for prototyping.

  • Very nice Dia. That's very nice of you to offer.

  • I'm not up in the Boulder area so I'm sure others can suggest better lodging than I can. That's quite the commute for you. Looking forward to meeting you.

  • If there are other competitors with websites, I'll happily link to all of them. Seems there is a shortage this year at least on the surface. If others have sites, I'd love to see and link them.

  • Cool. I was wondering if more teams were doing websites of one form or another. I've added a link from ours (http://teamhellhound.wordpress.com/) to yours.

  • The scale does seem rather off. However, the motors required to handle full sized vehicles are also much more expensive than servos on an RC platform. Not to the mention the motor controllers and affiliated hardware.
    Also, if you are going beyond remote control to an autonomous system, the required sensing becomes much more difficult. An EStop also becomes crucial. A small RC car in a run-away condition is more apt to destroy itself rather than doing significant damage to something else. A run away automotive, capable of much higher speed, can kill, maim or cause major property damage.
    It's all relative to what you want to do.

  • Sweet! Just got the email today that we made it from backorder onto the actual participants list. Looks like people are making good progress on the vehicles. Strangely, I don't see any pontoons....
    I took a few minutes to toss up a website for Team HellHound. Had to have somewhere to showcase burnt fingers and pre-destruction building.
    Looking forward to the contest. Good luck to everyone!

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