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  • Your post is not only Qwiic, it's also very timely. Starting in the May issue of "ODROID Magazine" there will be a series of articles demonstrating how to incorporate the SparkFun Electronics Qwiic ecosystem into the daily life of the ODROID-GO game system. Yes, you read that right; a portable game machine that leads a double life as a research tool for making a remarkable variety of sensor readings.

    This series will run in the magazine throughout the summer. So, get your ODROID-GO game machine kit assembled (from either Hardkernel or ameriDroid) and build my Qwiic Adapter kit project (it's featured in the May issue) so that you can experience the best retro gaming system in town, while saving the world as an environmentalist superhero.

    You can find ODROID Magazine here: https://magazine.odroid.com/?ineedthispage=yes

    [The May issue should be available on or about 15 May.]

    Dave Prochnow

  • Shawn - I've been able to make a workable 2x AA battery pack with these two SFE products: Jumper Wire - JST Black Red PRT-08670 Battery Holder 2xAA with Cover and Switch PRT-09547 The result is a terrific mobile dev suite that I'm able to take into my fave Starbucks and sit in the "comfy" chair while tinkering with the micro:bit. Dave P.

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