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  • I agree with the doc that an ear clip would likely work better while you're running - that's what I used for years while training on stationary bikes and they always seemed more accurate and secure.

    On a training note... are you working to build endurance, or just running by feel? An endurance-focused training plan that is based on heart rate zones would likely help you build to the point where you could do longer runs without getting winded. I run ultras (over marathon distance) races, and it takes time (months or years, not weeks) to build to the point where you can sustain a HR of 150+ for hours at a time.

    Or, maybe you're mostly fast-twitch, and simply better suited to sprint sports, like lacrosse!

  • Nice project. You might think about adding a small drawer under the top platform to hold all the miscellaneous bits. You could use your leftover 1/4" ply or find a plastic storage container and have it slide out on aluminium "U" channel to avoid the hassle of drawer slides. I like using the "TROFAST" bins from Ikea as a drawer under work counters.

    bboyho - take a look at the portable soldering station that Adam Savage built:


    Actually, he has several related "One Day Builds" that are along the same lines.

  • Is there a Particle Spark library for this module?

  • Got my $30 loyalty bucks in less than 10 minutes by opening multiple tabs in Firefox. When one timed out I would open another. If you only used one window you wasted your time.

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