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  • Would be great to have the PDM microphone moved to the other side of J12 for the next revision, so that the current for just the Artemis module can be measured.

    At 80uA in "sleep" for the microphone datasheet, its contribution to the total usage is substantial!

  • No DAC? How do you explain resistors RN1A to RN4D on the schematic then? They, combined with outputs DA0 to DA1 seem to form a regular R2R DAC. Yes, its no discrete IC, but its quite a bit better than just a "PWM Output". That AD9835 does look quite nice, and has pretty good accuracy (1 part in 4 billion!) but for things such as audio work I this would work fine.

  • Some sick rhymes there ;-)

  • Connector found! . As an added bonus is staggered pin so maybe easier to solder.

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