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  • Oh no, they misspelled my name on the side of the cockpit.

  • For right-click functions take a lesson from Win8 touchscreens, a click is left click, a click nd hold for 2 seconds brings up a right click drop down box. As far as "humidity issues" utilize the sealed barometric pressure sensor. Other functions can be added that are completely pressure controlled for those that don't have the ability to use the joystick; different mounts of pressure (soft puff, heavy puff, soft sip, heavy sip) could be differentiated for axis and direction responses, possibly a tactile pressure sensor for a biting action could be left click while bite and hold for right click function. These all depend of course on the capabilities of the person operating it, but if you are building it at home from spare parts then you can design it to the specific user and their capabilities.

  • I personally am a great admirer of stand alone power, meaning: create your own electricity and use the excess to power your neighbors homes. The problem that exists is the cost; I can spend 6,000 dollars to put up a wind generator that will pay itself off in about 7 years (plus the cost of the tower to mount it on), I can spend 9,000 dollars on a solar system that will pay itself off in 5 years... but I will spend another 1200 on integrating that system into commercial electricity or even just 4,000 on turning it into 110AC to power my home with no revenue. This is a huge turnoff for most people as they want to see the profits immediately. The problem here is 2-fold: first that the source of power is not the solar panel or wind generator, but that it is the "semi-finished" product of a panel that costs twice what it is worth because someone in a factory far far away spent some time soldering it together and mounting it in a pretty package, the second issue is the conversion of .65V, 12V or 24V DC power into the 110AC that our appliances are designed for. Let us instead design a system of solar CELLS that can be assembled and joined in a manner that suits the end user (with their own skill) into something that can be easily joined into their existing home. Let's create the ability for skilled home DIY users to create a panel that is 7 cells, 38 cells, 92 cells or 283 cells linked together to suit the size of their furnishings with a "suit the size" format that is economical and efficient. Then we can make available to them the schematics to create a Sin wave AC transformer that can be easily integrated into their current building power structure. We can cut the parts cost in half and the labor cost would drop down to the price of having a certified electrician join the renewable power into the building infrastructure. The state and federal tax cuts would still augment the initial cost of installation and the end-user could get a foreseeable surplus in 2 years instead of 5 to 7. These are the kinds of large projects that we need to start looking at in the future and the way to get them economical is not to force current power plants to become "60 percent renewable" but more simply to allow the individual home/business/shop/office/pub owner the easily accessible ability to become energy independent.

  • Loved seeing this on a website that has nothing to do with computer technology, as a matter of fact they sell archery equipment: "Login Notice: This site is optimized for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you experience trouble logging in from Internet Explorer, please try a free download of Firefox or Chrome."

  • Flashback to the day they announced: "The most common search request from AOL's search engine was google.com".

  • It would be great to see a result of what Mondays sales and Elevations Credit Union raised to help out the community.

  • How about a "multitasking" heat in which the competitior must A: assemble the kit, B: teach users how to change the font in an Excel doc, C: label the dialing procedures for a satellite phone, D: change the cyan cartridge in a printer (ONLY THE CYAN), E: text there girlfriend/boyfriend with a good excuse why they will be late to dinner, F: balance their checkbook, etc. Welcome to my world. :)

  • Quite simply, anyone who has researched these proposed bills knows exactly how badly they are written and how terribly they would actual enforce the piracy laws already in place and most importantly how unfairly they would impact every internet user. So I will leave it at this, we applaud you SparkFun, thank you.

  • Ran into a similar issue, after cutting one strand to a slightly shorter length it would no longer blink. This was fixed by adding another length on to increase load from the inverter. Basically the inverter is designed for a longer length (heavier load) and the residual power available when the blinking function goes to zero output is still enough to keep the shorter length lit. There was no permanent damage to my inverter it simply needed a heavier load to dissipate the power it produced.

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