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  • Neat board; got it hooked up quickly. The Arduino library works well, but it has hardcoded settings for Europe. Needed to edit for USA.

  • Great screen for playing around with on the Arduino. There's a full-featured library available with some example sketches to test that your screen is wired correctly. The only downside is that the parallel interface takes up almost all of the pins of the Uno.

  • connecting the reset line to Vcc works for me

  • Pot works well and seems pretty sturdy. Pairs well with knobs like this.

  • As a beginner, it's been a bit of a pain for me to get this thing working with an Arduino Uno R3. The datasheet and example code are hard to follow, but the discussion here has been quite helpful.

    If you're coming up with code to read data from the sensor yourself, consider that the timings mentioned in the datasheet are not quite right. Basically, what you can count on is that the zero-bit pulse is a fair bit shorter than the one-bit pulse. If you're code makes too many assumptions about the timing, you might get out of sync with the incoming signal.

    Here's my code for my Uno. YMMV, of course. It prints out humidity and temp readings every 5 seconds to the serial console. Seems reliable on my system; no failures in the last couple hours it's been running.

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