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  • I think the Moore's laws comments are exceedingly misleading in that they imply that as the number of transistors tops out it will also mean that the rate with which we're able to harness computers to execute our bidding is near the end of its growth curve as well. I think we all just intrinsically know that the exact opposite is the truth - we're just at the very beginning.
    So that begs the question of how will we get past this limitation? Well, I think you can already see it action. My "day" job is selling enterprise software solutions - 5-10 years ago if you needed scalability you went and bought a bigger box or added resources to your existing box - so called "vertical" scaling. But now almost all scalability is focused on horizontal scaling - more cores, more virtual machines, more distribution - all of this leverages growing out across any specific CPU boundaries. So while moore's law, which only applies really to a CPUs, may be getting ever closer to its end game we're just getting started in understanding how to split jobs across distributed servers farms - As we've already started to see by the promising results observed in areas such as grid computing, big data, cloud computing, etc. the usable computing power that can be delivered using distributed systems is staggering and I don't think we'll hit the limit on that for a long long time. A man can only lift so much but the Egyptians still figured out how to build pyramids...

  • Don't do it - ERPs have provided much more value in the form of money extracted from their customers than they've delivered in tangible bottom line benefits to their customers. You'll be far better off just rolling your own IT service (SOA) layer with the necessary functionality than trying to fit your company into one of the existing models. And no matter what they tell you it will never be as easy to integrate it to all of the other stuff you already have - and even open source will be such a massive ball of yarn that you'll never be able to extract out just the right bits that you need - don't forget noone can afford to work for free so all of those open source projects are counting on consulting, training, maintenance and support dollars to make their business model work - so logic alone tells you its going to be crazy complicated.
    Your pictures look like you're doing some degree of business process analysis and ultimately will want to do business process reengineering and/or optimization - if thats what you need why wouldn't you use a stand along BPM tool which is far more flexible than ERP - there is a reason Oracle bought BEA and that SAP is still looking at buying a company to give them better integration and an open approach to business process execution. ERP is evil not to mention a horribly dated (and past due) concept - seriously, don't do it!

  • How is the actual soldering step done for the class? I'd love to go through the hands on process of using the reflow skillet - I hope that bit is part of the class too.

  • I voted but i'm a little underwhelmed with all of them...

  • +1 SFE
    I expected nothing and would have been cool with the day with nothing but got $30 and it is greatly appreciated!

  • Since it also falls into the too complicated for ME to attempt it, I'll throw out my variation of this that a friend of mine and I talked about a couple of years ago. What if instead of attempting to produce electricity which is really difficult, expensive and very inefficient to store, you used the bike electrical power to generate hydrogen which could then be used in a hydrogen fuel cell. Just a thought...

  • Bluetooth arduino's were a cool idea but were just cost prohibitive - how about a new modern attempt based on arduino pro + this little guy at a reasonable pricepoint!

  • Any timing info on this other version?

  • Congrats guys
    I can't write much without getting sarcastic so I'll just leave it short. It will be interesting to see in the next few months how this effects you guys: if the negative PR will hurt you in any way or if the newly generated publicity will more than offset it. I will be staying tuned - its the best geek soap opera on the net...

  • Ah - I see - sign up for the individual classes and then get the money back... essentially, take 5 classes get one free.

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