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  • Great discussion, however, I avoid division when multiplication can perform the same job, and much faster. eg. dividing by 3 is the same as multiplying by 1/3 = 0.330 or your equivalent scaled integer fraction. eg. dividing by 5 is the same as multiplying by 1/5 = 0.200 or your equivalent scaled integer fraction. eg. dividing by 7 is the same as multiplying by 1/7 = 0.142 or your equivalent scaled integer fraction. This works great when the multiplier is a constant which can be calculated with a calculator, as you write your code. If your original divisor is only known at runtime, then it becomes more of a job to calculate your scaled integer multiplier. You can get away without division in a lot of cases. Perhaps you all already know this, but then again, maybe not. Cheers

  • Every time he mentions C4, he’s actually refering to C6. C4 the timing cap has nothing to do with what he’s talking about.

  • Shame about the spelling error in the title.

  • This is NOT a Li-Polymer battery. It is clearly marked as Li-ion. The above description is incorrect. They are not the same chemistry. Charging voltages per cell are different also.

  • Great price for the hot-air rework station and soldering station. It’s a shame they’re not dual 115v/240v switchable. Even with the freight charge to New Zealand, these are a bargain.
    I’m sure you’d up your international sales if some thought was given to this 115v/240v issue.

  • RichardKalaf Wrote:
    “since its a comercial product and they don’t want people getting hurt with it."
    What a load of crap!
    Jimi Heselden the owner of the Segway company killed himself on a Segway.
    Check it out here:

  • That’s an interesting NPN bipolar transistor schematic symbol.

  • We had a major earthquake here in Christchurch New Zealand on 22nd February and I had no power, water or sewerage system at home for 3 weeks. Amongst all this devastation I managed to find a working internet connected PC and claimed my Free Day Funds on the 15th March. So I figure I had my priorities in order!

  • Starts 9AM MST. What’s cutoff time ?

  • Everyone has their own ideas about how this could be more usefull for their needs.
    Here’s mine:
    (1) 16Mhz clk (SPI could now run at 4 Mbit data transfer rate, rather than the current 2 Mbit)
    (2) Binary transfer only for hexadecimal display( Only 2 bytes needed to update display, rather than the current 4 bytes)

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