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  • Vice is nice but Vise is what you want...

  • I kinda figured... But it needs a few more words to actually say that. Such as "The supply voltage is regulated down to 5V to power the ESP32 Thing. A fan may be needed to keep the board cool under heavy loads.”

  • What does this sentence mean? "The supply voltage is regulated down to 5V to power the ESP32 Thing, as well as a fan to keep the board cool under heavy loads."

    What fan?

  • Lame product description... To use these you connect them in a serial string and shift brightness and color information into them (as outlined in the docs). You don't have direct control of (or need to worry about) forward voltage or PWM for brightness.

  • Yes, that's a problem that occurs with even the most expensive crimpers... I take a pair of needle nose pliers (or better yet, duckbills) and gently bend the tabs parallel (just squeeze the tab end between the plier jaws). When crimped, the tabs should fold neatly over. The problem occurs when the tabs are splayed to the point that they (obviously) crush instead of bend...

  • Make sure it's a dye-based negative. The little silver grains in silver based film (Tri-X, T-Max) will block infrared. Generally, if it's negative film, and it's developed using the C-41 process you're good to go.

  • That's "Actobotics" not Acrobatics! Also, that should be "bated breath" as in 'abated breath' not 'baited breath' which might prove dangerous...

  • Great new feature! But... next teardown, get a decent camera with a macro lens and a small tripod... No excuse for those annoyingly blurry shots.

  • Er... It -does- have a hole near the word SHOVEL. I give you points for accurate precognition though!

  • Why does the video state 12V working voltage and your product 'Note' state 3-3.4V?

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