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I am 65 years old (ain't that for sure!) and an electronics/software hacker in Silicon Valley. I built a Mark-8 and an Altair 8800 from scratch in the 70's and have been riding the technology crest since before both Bill and both Steve's. Spent more than a year in Vietnam, and during college started with IBM; lasted at IBM for 31 years (retired now). Also did 4 years in a startup in the Solar Industry (not Solyndra). Been hooked on SparkFun since 2007.


CTO and founder of Dualtronics; developer of the Dualtronics SDC-120 synchrophasor data compressor and a line of IoT products.

Spoken Languages

English, Vietnamese (a little bit)

Programming Languages

Basic, C, C++, C#, Java, Lazarus (in the old days, various assembly) and others.


San Jose State University; class of '81.


Software and electrical engineering and especially robotics.



  • Maybe they (Electric Imp) will last, maybe not. Who knows. Only time will tell. But, I DO like it. I have built the Weather station project using the IMP and it works SO NICE! I plan to stay with the Imp for as long as it's around (or I'm around!). I have a few other project in the pipeline too. It was pretty easy to 'BlinkUp', but I had to use a real Android phone to run the app. My hacked B&N Nook running Android didn't seem to work too reliably (it took a few dozen attempts until it succeeded using legacy mode) whereas my wife's Galaxy Note 3 worked first time. Well anyway, my two cents worth - I think its pretty cool, cloud or not (my TRS-80 was cool too, while it lasted. But what lasts anyways?)

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