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  • UNRELIABLE! Do not use. The pin shape is rectangular and too thin in one dimension, and thus do not fit tightly in female headers of Arduinos etc. I discovered this after 25 hours of debugging intermittent sensor signals. Look at the datasheet - the front dimension is 0.64mm which is good, the side dimension is not marked but I measured it at 0.37mm - NOT GOOD. The pins wobble and may or may not make consistent contact.

    This issue has been reported over 4 years ago. These should be replaced with square pins like all other male headers.

  • Would love to find a male header version of this for low-profile shields. You can bend your own with long headers, but it would be nice to save time.

  • What kind of flux is best for extending paste life?

  • I also got JLY-538. Unable to find any info online.

  • This is a great guide to putting a cap in the battery compartment to ensure accurate performance: http://www.robotroom.com/CaliperCapacitor.html.

    Also worth noting when buying button cell batteries: LR44 is NOT equivalent to SR44 (aka 357). SR44 are silver oxide and last way longer than alkaline LR44 in caliper’s crappy so-called standby state.

    But I agree with phil & 333257 that disconnecting battery is the optimal solution.

  • Update: I had previously reported success operating this relay at 5V directly from Arduino digital out. I finally measured its coil resistance, it is 57 ohms, therefore it should need 88mA @ 5V to turn on consistently. However, I can confirm again that it works fine without a transistor, and I measure 55mA going through coil directly from Arduino pin. Since max (for Uno) is supposedly 40mA, not sure how this is happening, but it works. :-)

  • Here is new URL - but it doesn’t show coil info, and still has different item photograph showing 12V instead of 5V.

  • i ordered many of these for my class and i confirm about 1 out of 10 have defective red elements. SparkFun should replace yours.

  • hm, the manufacturer’s entire website is basically broken, so you can’t see the datasheet at the moment. but i thought it was quite different from the sparkfun one, which shows a coil resistance of 320 ohms. if that were the case, it would need only 16mA. when i have time, i’ll go back and actually measure the coil resistance and the current it’s drawing…

  • I can confirm this relay works driven directly from a 5V Arduino digital output. However, it shouldn’t, given that the Arduino Uno max current per pin is 40mA. According to the relay’s actual datasheet, the coil dissipation is 0.72W and has a resistance of 35 ohms. In theory at 5V it should require 143mA, right? But it works.

    Update: that datasheet link now gone, this is the URL now, but it still has incorrect photo.

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