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  • I'm looking into the "only performs full steps" statement and I don't think this is true. It does seem to be able to stop at microsteps.

    If I set the driver to do full step and move forward 1 step and then back. Then reset the driver, setup to do 1/8 microsteps, move forward 1 step 8 times (pausing between steps) and then back 1 step 8 times. The motor moves the same number of degrees (equal to 1 full step). During the microstepping, it stops at 8 discrete locations (that don't seem to be equally divided).

    I did have to reset the device (resetDev) before switching microstepping. There may be an easier way to do it, but this seemed to work.

    Also, beware that when starting microstepping movement (the first of the 8 steps forward) the controller will jump to some nearby full step location. This can mean that there is an abrupt jump of 1 full step at the beginning of movement. The datasheet does seem to mention this on page 20 section 6.4.