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  • I meant it fascetiously... It's clearly a typo ;).

  • "Powered by four AA sized batteries, this soldering iron is capable of 60-120hrs of use (depending on battery type) ..."

    That is incredible battery life... Are you sure it's not more like 60-120 minutes as it says in the Features?

  • I bought a number of the bright yellow flip-dots from a surplus store in Toronto (Active Surplus) and immediately had the idea to build a clock. I used 16 modules of 7 dots each to make a digital clock with each digit being 4x7 dots. I ended up using a big noisy array of relays to address the individual dots which made the whole thing sound like an old asr teletype machine when changing the display... Unfortunately the project took me forever to complete and I moved twice... so now most of the modules are damaged an I never actually completed the thing... The modules are very fragile. The problem was mostly the very tiny electromagnets which are wound with 40+awg wire. They tiny wire tends to break off from the coil. Sadly, I don't think Active Surplus has them any more. I would love to get my hands on more modules, but they are impossible to find. I think the ones the had were pulled used from highway signs.

  • Hmm... This would be great as a digispark shield. I wonder if it could be squeezed down a few MM and re-arranged to mate directly to the digispark and make a nice compact microcontroller with lots of IO.

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