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  • I just saw that you guys are carrying 3D printer materials......sorry I just woke up at work :)

  • I will say that Lulzbot makes a nice printer; having said that I will also say that this offering is of moderate abilities and with exceedingly high cost. There are a lot of printers of the market that will do exactly what this printer is offering AND at a fraction of the cost. I love Sparkfun and usually have no problem with what they offer as a "partner" company but maybe you can research other printer offerings that are lower in cost......just a thought. And also, it would be nice if you would carry some plastic spools like 1.75mm and 3.0mm in different colors and type ( PLA, ABS, Nylone, etc.). Go Team Sparkfun ;)

  • Very cool Nic, very industrious also. I would have approached it with a seat pad that fits over the seat so I would not have to remove the car's seats.....I am generally kind of on the lazier side of car projects. And +1 on adding a fuse especially on a heating circuit directly connected to your car's battery.

  • With the other owls looking on, Ms. Hoots (in her red marketing hat) scolds Jake for his terrible owl imitation and horrible yellow shirt.

  • Quick off your topics above topic question regarding when the stock of arduino pro mini 5v/16mhz boards will back in stock?
    Respectfully submitted this fine snowy afternoon from north-western Nevada,

  • Oops, sorry should have looked at the pics....

  • Is this a normally open switch or normally closed?

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