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  • Can a fellow Linux user help me out and do a 'lsusb' with this device plugged in, and post back here with the results? That should hopefully tell me which chipset this device uses; I'm hoping it uses the Cambridge Silicon chipset which is known to work very well with Raspberry Pi. Thanks!

  • It's about time, guys -_-

  • Be careful, the Due's I/O is 3.3V, and this proto board has a +5V rail running down the middle of it. You will either have to avoid using this rail, or cut-and-jump the trace to the +3.3V pin on JP10.

  • Couldn't get that link to work, the one I ended up going with is: 609-1046-ND (FCI p/n 54602-908LF)

  • Transflective (or otherwise) daylight-readable color LCD. 7"+.
    Some of us take our projects outside every once and a while ;) Otherwise, no complaints, you guys rock.

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